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Why should DIB contractors consider HKA Technology Solutions to help prepare for their CMMC certification? HKA Technology Solutions customize your CMMC practices and processes scoped and tailored for your organization that co-create value as a business enabler to support the DIB and our nation's warfighters.

By facilitating results that customers want to reduce costs and risks, HKA provides the CMMC subject matter expertise that creates business value co-creation to help the DIB contractor think critically about establishing, documenting, and testing their CMMC administrative, technical, and physical controls to support the nation's warfighters. Furthermore, HKA uses a unique Service Value System (SVS) to ensure that within the CMMC Practices and Processes Lifecycle, DIB CMMC practices and processes continuously co-create value with all stakeholders. These CMMC practices and processes, HKA partners with DIBs where practices and processes can be rescoped and retailored in a flexible way as cyber threat landscape, and supply chain risks evolve, which requires the monitoring of real-time cyber threat reports, software, and hardware updates we receive from multiple vendor products that DIB uses within their infrastructure that will enhance their effectiveness to protect our nation's warfighters.

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